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Haicheng Tianlang Mineral Products Co., Ltd. mainly produces various kinds of high-, medium- and low-grade light-burned magnesium products such as chemical magnesium oxide and building material magnesium oxide, and has also developed the following special products: special magnesium oxide for ventilation pipes, special magnesium oxide for fireproof boards, Special magnesium oxide for light partition boards, special magnesium oxide for toys (quick-drying type), special magnesium oxide for abrasive tools, and special magnesium oxide for magnesium sulfate; high product quality, many varieties and excellent prices. Long-term sales at home and abroad are our customers Star enterprise in mind.

For more than ten years, due to the strong support and trust from all directions, our company's production scale has been expanding, and more and more customers have spread from this province to other provinces, and product sales have spread all over Tiannan Haibei. We have a national chemical product marketing network and a comprehensive Chemical logistics distribution and technical support system, with rich marketing experience in the chemical industry and good upstream and downstream cooperation relationships, we provide high-quality goods and professional services to domestic and foreign customers, and have won widespread trust from industry partners.

The company sincerely hopes that more customers choose to cooperate with our company for mutual benefit and common development.


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Haicheng Tianlang mineral products Co., LtdProvide high-quality goods and professional services for customers at home and abroad, win the wide trust of partners

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