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A series of new progress in the research and development and industrialization of high-performance rare earth magnesium alloys


At the recent report on the implementation of major high-performance rare-earth magnesium alloys organized by the Changchun Science and Technology Bureau, Wan Zaibin, the director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, highly praised the "Strategic Alliance for the Rare Earth Magnesium Alloy Production, Research, and Research Technology Innovation", which has been undertaking Changchun for two years. Outstanding achievements in the research and development of the "high-performance rare earth magnesium alloy major project".

       Changchun's "High-Performance Rare Earth Magnesium Major Project" is led by the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and consists of Jilin University, Zhongke Ximei Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd., Changchun Rail Bus Co., Ltd., FAW Foundry Co., Ltd., and Changchun Xuyang Twelve units including Automotive Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly set up 10 topics.

       After two years of joint cooperation, stubborn hard work and unremitting development by the various alliance units, the ethylene column has achieved innovative results with independent intellectual property rights in China in the areas of magnesium alloy preparation, component design, casting, welding, pressure processing and corrosion protection related technologies. Taking Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry as an example, 2 enterprise standards have been formulated, 10 invention patent technologies have been formed, 19 papers have been published, and outstanding progress has been made in the following 8 areas:

        The first is to study the structure and physical and chemical properties of rare-earth magnesium alloys to optimize Mg-Nd22.1%, Mg-Gd20%, Mg-Ymm25%, Mg-Y20.8%, and Mg-LPC (lanthanum-cerium) 22%, etc. Five intermediate alloy components ensure that the electrolytic production of rare earth intermediate alloys and the process of adding rare earths to working alloys are in a good state;

        The second is to build a R & D and production base for rare earth magnesium intermediate alloys with a production capacity of 100 tons per year;

        The third is to optimize the structural composition characteristics of high-performance magnesium alloys by studying the transformation rules, fatigue, and creep processes of rare-earth magnesium alloys, guiding the development of magnesium alloy composition-structure-performance, and forming a high-quality magnesium alloy enterprise standard;

        Fourthly, the AZ91 alloy with the appropriate amount of Nd and Y was developed, and its creep resistance was increased by 20 times, and the use temperature was increased from 120 ° C to above 150 ° C;

        Fifth, the AZ91 alloy with an appropriate amount of LPC was developed, and its corrosion resistance increased by more than 70 times;

        Sixth, the development of a high-strength, high-toughness deformed magnesium alloy MB26 containing rare earth, and the successful preparation of a certain spacecraft component in China, achieving effective weight reduction;

        Seventh, the use of rare earth magnesium alloys to develop new materials for national defense has reduced weight by 34% compared to the single piece of raw materials;

        Eighth, in cooperation with the lightweight work of high-speed railway passenger cars of Changchun Bus Factory, train ventilation windows were trial-produced to achieve effective weight reduction goals.


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