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Salt Lake Magnesium Resources Comprehensive Development Challenge Solved


Since the Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Group's million-ton potash project was put into operation, Chaerhan Salt Lake has become an important potash production base in China. But as the development process continues

Accelerating, the comprehensive development and utilization of magnesium resources in Chaerhan Salt Lake has become a major scientific and technological "bottleneck" that plagues the development of salt lake resources in Qinghai, which severely restricts the cyclic development of salt lake resource development, sustainable development, and the improvement of the ecological environment of the salt lake.

To this end, Qinghai Province, through bidding for major scientific and technological problems, and cooperating with well-known domestic research institutes, has deployed and implemented integrated technology research on 100,000-ton-grade brucite to produce magnesium series products. 50,000 tons / Annual-scale magnesium chloride electrolytic production line for the production of magnesium metal introduction of key technologies for digestion and re-innovation, annual production of 10,000 tons of high-purity ultra-fine and special morphology high-end magnesium hydroxide flame retardant industrial demonstration engineering technology research, annual production of 10,000 tons of hydroxide Research on engineering technology of magnesium demonstration device, industrial technology of kiloton-level magnesium oxide, magnesium borate whisker, engineering technology research of pyrolysis of kiloton-level magnesium sulfate, production of high-purity by using sodium lake magnesium chloride and ADC foaming agent as by-product sodium carbonate A number of national and provincial scientific and technological projects, such as research on magnesium oxide technology, research on industrialization technology of incompletely dehydrated magnesium chloride electrolytic production of rare-earth magnesium alloys, research on key technologies of new magnesium cement reinforced concrete structures in salt lakes, and industrial experimental research on clean technology of magnesium production from salt lake magnesium chloride. Gradually improve the engineering technology for the development and utilization of magnesium resources, and use salt lake magnesium resources for large-scale development and utilization Production for the domestic and international market demand for magnesium products and technology to support the formation and development of Salt Lake potassium, magnesium resources as the main circular economy industrial chain.

In order to overcome the comprehensive utilization technology of magnesium resources in salt lakes, Qinghai Province mainly supports three enterprises in western Qinghai Magnesium Industry, Qinghai Salt Lake Group, and Tibet Potash Fertilizer in cooperation with Central South University, Tsinghua University, and the Salt Lake Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop magnesium hydroxide and hydrogen from three process routes. Technical difficulties in the development of magnesium oxide flame retardants and high-purity magnesia series products.

At present, Qinghai Province is focusing on the development of technology to produce metal magnesium and magnesium alloys using salt lake magnesium chloride. The "Research on the introduction of digestion and re-innovation of key technologies for the production of 50,000 tons / year scale magnesium chloride electrolytic method for preparing magnesium metal" project will be the electrolytic magnesium production process. 2. Localization of equipment and the provision of scientific and technological support for larger-scale production of magnesium metal; the project "Research on the Optimization of 1500 Tons of Anhydrous Magnesium Chloride Industry Demonstration Line Project Optimization Project" opened up the process flow, a batch of products were qualified offline, and the magnesium chloride content reached 98.4%, completely Meet the requirements of electrolytic magnesium raw materials; "Salt Lake Magnesium Chloride Preparation of Metal Magnesium Cleaner Process" project successfully produced metallic magnesium with a magnesium yield of greater than 90%; "Incomplete Dehydrated Magnesium Chloride Electrolytic Preparation of Rare Earth Magnesium Alloys" project solved the problem of the preparation of electrolytic raw materials; Carrying out the electrolytic preparation of rare earth magnesium alloys using magnesium chloride dihydrate, cerium chloride, and lanthanum chloride as raw materials; the "Research on the Process of Magnesium Sulfate Pyrolysis to Magnesium Oxide" project will provide technical support for large-scale production of magnesium oxide from salt lake magnesium sulfate; "Research on Synthesis Process of Magnesium Borate and Magnesium Oxide Whiskers" Project Successfully Started It has a proprietary impregnation - Magnesium Melts new method borate whisker production.

On this basis, the National Science and Technology Support Plan “Research on the Key Technologies of Industrialization of Magnesium Borate and Magnesium Oxide Whiskers” is constructing an industrial demonstration device with an annual output of 600 tons of magnesium borate whiskers and 200 tons of magnesium oxide whiskers.


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