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Heavy light burned magnesia

Heavy light burned magnesia

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  • Release date:2020-01-06
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Our factory's (magnesium oxide) light-burned magnesium powder is selected from first-grade magnesite ore and calcined by light-burning reflection kiln, rotary kiln or boiling furnace. The product is evenly calcined, stable in quality, high in purity, good in activity and uniform in particle size. Widely used in ventilation ducts, fire-proof boards, light-weight partition boards (quick-drying), ceramic abrasives, magnesium sulfate, papermaking, firecracker fixing agents, etc.

The advantages of our products are our 8 indicators:

1. Light-burned magnesia is a new material for converter steelmaking. Light-burned magnesia blocks and balls are mainly used as slagging component regulators for converter slag splashing protection furnaces. Because the slag splashing furnace requires proper slag viscosity and fire resistance, reasonable slag composition is the key to the slag splashing furnace. Generally, the slag cannot be directly splash-protected, and a certain amount of magnesia balls must be added for adjustment. At the same time, the use of dolomite is replaced to reduce the amount of slag and increase the content of MgO in the slag. Because MgO is a high melting point mineral with a melting point of 2800 ° C, the increase in the content of MgO in the slag makes the slag viscosity greater and the fire resistance increased. The slag is more easily combined with the lining, and an effective slag protective layer is formed on the lining, thereby increasing the lining life. Reduce consumption.

2.Magnesium oxide content.

3.The active content of magnesium oxide is high.

4.Control of appearance of yellow and white products.

5.Silicon-calcium ratio control.

6, the grasp of caustic soda (burning vector).

7.The number of products can be controlled between 0-300.

8. Determination of other metals.


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